Pisces february 2020 daily horoscope

The unlimited will accompany you again this month, dose your efforts, amplify your desire for projects, heal your friendships, anchor yourself and the heavens will return it to you a hundredfold.


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Astrologers view time differently than other people—we plot time, even time that has not yet occurred, on bell curves. Also last month, Mercury started to slow down two weeks prior to its official retrograde date, October 31, and will remain that way until November You began to see delays crop up, miscommunications, and trouble with electronics and software. This time, Mercury will retrograde in your distant travel sector, so when you pack, keep your AC cord with you at the airport so you can work or enjoy your computer if your flight gets delayed and still not use up all the battery strength before you eventually board.

Even with Mercury retrograde, I promise you will like November.

You might want to back up the data of your computer, however, in case you have problems with electronics. I had no choice but to advise you to buy gift cards rather than chance getting the wrong gift unless you had a small child on your holiday gift list, in which case I suggested you let his mother shop for you, and then you reimburse her. You could then wrap the gifts for the Lilliputians—from the land of Lilliput.

Pisces February 2020 Horoscope Monthly Overview

This year you can take full advantage, and that is a huge change over the past several years. Get the new Astrology Zone app for horoscopes and more on all your devices! View Previous Month. Print Horoscope. You have yearned for freedom and new ventures in your work and career world. This is the year you get it.

The last three years have not been all that enjoyable. You will enjoy , especially after spring when the new ventures take on a form quite different than you are used to. Dedicated work is an important keyword for you this year. Your work will bring reward, not challenged until the eclipse in the spring. When that occurs this year, you will quickly shift and any losses will quickly turn to gain as you restructure your financial affairs, your financial strategies, and even your financial philosophy.

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  • You may not see the changes in you but others will and they will be drawn to you and then it will seem that lady luck has arrived with a plethora of income opportunities, new, different, and adventurous. You will make serious financial plans but be more open to new ways. Health issues may challenge you this year or health issues could rise above in Just when you feel unrestrained in your career, the piper comes to exact a price in health.

    Pisces February Horoscope - Pisces Monthly Horoscope

    You, however, will be more open to doing the things it takes to get health back in order and you will do so quickly early summer and it will be a lasting change of focus on food, diet, exercise and wellness. A two-month setback in the spring, not of a serious nature, leads to permanent change.

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    • You will also find changes of an emotional nature and come to a higher spiritual, dreamy plane and it will decrease stress for you, bringing you long sought peace, contentment, and joy. Although the year seems to start the way it normally does, love will arrive later on in the most unusual form.

      Pisces february 2020 daily horoscope
      Pisces february 2020 daily horoscope
      Pisces february 2020 daily horoscope
      Pisces february 2020 daily horoscope
      Pisces february 2020 daily horoscope
      Pisces february 2020 daily horoscope
      Pisces february 2020 daily horoscope
      Pisces february 2020 daily horoscope
      Pisces february 2020 daily horoscope

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