Leo love horoscope march 14 2020

Welcome to Pisces season, Leo!

When Mars is retrograde , between September — November, Leo may encounter some real problems in managing emotions constructively. They need to learn how not to try to be in control of others, nor to assert their power.

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Being reserved is the key to all your problems. As you become more reserved, your problems will get solved. Venus in apparent retrograde motion through the house of love, after October 5 of , will bring a boost of energy that will amplify your desire to express your feelings, love, and romanticism for someone truly special.

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Some Leos might accept a challenge, someone from work or your close circle of friends can draw your interest. In , Leos enjoy the planetary support of Saturn and Uranus, which favor progressive changes and renewals, based on a well-thought plan, which will help them develop important long-term projects. Moreover, Uranus supplies them with energy and ideas, while Saturn offers tenacity, wisdom, and strategy.

You need to be loved and appreciated, admired and valued and yet it seems no one does this year.

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You will find yourself late to dates and gatherings, and you will pay the price. Until after the spring, it is not a time for long-term commitments. By late summer though you are back on track for love and improved living conditions with partners or spouses. It is a lesson in mature mutually rewarding relationships that you are learning.

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It is not an easy lesson to learn, however, it is an empowering one. It is a time of testing.

You most likely will not see a promotion or advance in career in but this time of build a solid foundation will pay off remarkably by mid Prevail and you will win big with almost a radical revolutionary change next year. Crumble and your career will take a hit. Late in the year you will probably attract, both personally and professionally, those that will be in your life to help you with long-term goals.

Leo 2020 Horoscope

You have conflicting needs in Your natural need to splurge and over-extend is restrained with a sense of responsibility. Your long-term future depends upon it. You will see a focus on house, home, land, your roots, extended family this year. If you do splurge this year, a good place to do it would be on renovation or decoration of your home.

This year is also a time to invest for your long term future. This is an exciting time for you to travel or study. Aries season is a great time for you to promote yourself or publish your ideas for the world to engage with.

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  • Libra is all about fairness and Aries want to go, go, go. A big ending may take place now, but remember, Mercury is retrograde, so wait until after the retrograde to see how things really shake out. This is a big time for release—get it all off your chest!

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    • The news that comes your way may be shocking or even upsetting, but things are in flux now, so stay focused on transformation, and know that nothing will stay as it is. Venus clashes with Mars and mingles with Jupiter on March 21—excitement, romance, and creative inspiration are in the air! This is perfect for meditation and journaling—but it's not so hot for important conversations or decision making. Avoid paranoid thinking at this time! Venus enters Pisces on March 26—this is mushy, sappy, romantic, and whimsical love we're talking about!

      Earlier this month, you were so tired of your routine—now, however, you are steeped in change and transformation, and could use some anchoring!

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      Relationships can be a grounding part of our lives, but as you know, dear Leo, codependency can become toxic real fast. Keep this in mind.

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      Venus connects with Uranus on March 27, inspiring space within your relationships—healthy space, the kind that keeps you inspired and eager to spend time together! This will also be a fantastically creative time for your career, since inspiration is flowing.

      Natal Planets

      Mercury ends its retrograde in Pisces on March 28 and finally leaves its post-retrograde shadow period on April 16, so you can expect things to move forward between now and then. While Mercury retrograde can be a time of many frustrating miscommunications and delays, this is also a great time to slow down and do inner work, so take advantage of the retrograde by going within.

      Being able to review things is good, especially when it comes to sensitive situations like the ones this Mercury retrograde in Pisces brought you. Wrapping up the month, action planet Mars enters social butterfly Gemini on March 31, making this an amazing time to spend with friends, network socially and professionally, and connect and collaborate with people who share your hopes and visions of the future. Mars in Taurus found you hard at work in your career, but Mars in Gemini wants you out and about, socializing!

      leo love horoscope march 14 2020 Leo love horoscope march 14 2020
      leo love horoscope march 14 2020 Leo love horoscope march 14 2020
      leo love horoscope march 14 2020 Leo love horoscope march 14 2020
      leo love horoscope march 14 2020 Leo love horoscope march 14 2020
      leo love horoscope march 14 2020 Leo love horoscope march 14 2020
      leo love horoscope march 14 2020 Leo love horoscope march 14 2020

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