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There is adequate time built into each module for questions and answers, as well as, learning and conversation between students. You will also work with other students on fun experiential and homework projects. You are encouraged to participate live as much as possible, but will also have unlimited access to the recorded sessions. There are breaks scheduled in both levels for integration, reading assignments, working in teams on projects, holidays etc This training is designed to be informative, experiential and participatory but most of all FUN!!!

See the full descriptions of content below the video but watch the video first!!! Aimed for the absolute beginner and for those who wish to review the basics, this foundational course is designed to provide a solid foundation in astrology, and to build skills and confidence for basic natal chart interpretation. All instruction will be based in the principles of Evolutionary Astrology. In addition to instruction, exercises, and homework, you will be supported via group discussion and study. The foundation course can be used to launch self study or to set the stage for further formal training.

Students will learn the building blocks of astrology through an exploration of the planets, signs and houses, the basics of the astronomy of astrology, the archetypes as understood through the lens of Evolutionary Astrology, planets and their mythological correlations and more.. Students will be introduced to the basics of synthesis by blending planets through the archetypes signs.

This is followed by adding the next layer of synthesis — the houses. This will be a hands-on, participatory class, with homework and reading assignments.

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As with Module 1, time will be allotted for experiential exploration and discussion. In this class, students will be introduced to rulers and dispositors, rounding out the basics of chart synthesis. We will add the basics of the 6 primary aspects, exploring the conjunctions, sextiles, squares, trines, oppositions, and quincunxes.

Time will be allotted for experiential exploration.

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Required that you already understand natal chart basics, Planets, Signs, Houses, Aspect patterns. If you have questions read the description for Level One and if if you are familiar with that content then join us in this level.

Contact us via email if you have further questions. What is my purpose? Why am I here? What are my lessons?

Astrological Energy for the Soul - - - ANARKEDEN

Evolutionary Astrology seeks to understand the nature of the soul, its desire for growth, and its journey from past, to present, to intended future. Using a specific methodology to read a birth-chart as taught by Jeffrey Wolf Green, you will learn how to track and describe specific past life complexes to better understand the root causes of psychological and emotional patterns, triggers, or impediments that lie behind current life issues.

One size does not fit all! We are all unique souls and we will respond to the propensities of the planetary influences in our own unique ways. This class will outline the four natural evolutionary states and their subcategories. Part 3. Part 4. Pluto and the Nodes!!! Its time to dive deeper!

Covering two signs per week, we will examine Pluto through the signs in depth. Part 5. Every month, the moon moves through eight phases in its relationship to the sun. These eight phases are also the umbrella under which, aspects between any two planetary bodies form an energy exchange. Sometimes, the only way Saturn can evoke these lessons within us is by showing us a little tough love, imposing restrictions, or making us feel the weight of our actions.

Saturn does this to help us grow, to help us shine, and to help us move on to that next level. On a global level, Saturn in Capricorn has been putting weight on the banking system, political systems, big corporations, and other government structures to ensure everyone is paying the toll and doing things right.

Saturn is all about law and order, so if things have been slipping through the cracks, Saturn will pull them up and write the ticket. Saturn will continue working in Capricorn until December Pluto has been in Capricorn since Pluto moves slowly and really takes its time to ensure that no stone is left unturned, which is why it spends over a decade in a particular sign. Having said that, Pluto has the knack of making itself at home wherever it lands, and has earned itself the reputation of being Lord of the Underworld. No matter where Pluto needs to travel, the Lord has its networks and tunnels in order to escape into the darkness.

Astrology for the Soul January 30, 2019

While this conjures an ominous image, Pluto is not to be feared. In fact, Pluto is one of the most enlightened planets we have and is all about transformation, awakening, healing our shadow side, and death and rebirth. Whenever Pluto is active, it means the time has come to restructure our lives. The time has come to burn the things that no longer serve us and rise from the ashes.

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On a global level, Pluto in Capricorn has also been putting pressure on the banking systems, big corporations, and the government. Part of its job while in Capricorn is to rework things and to transform things that are not aligned with authenticity. Pluto is also very connected to power. People in power and the idea of power is up for some transformation and revamping under the spell of Pluto. Pluto works on the inner self, the shadow self, and on the depths of our soul. Pluto helps us to keep digging deeper in order to find our strength, peel back the layers, and step into our authentic power.

Pluto will remain in Capricorn until , and will not return until the year , so the impression it leaves will be long-lasting. Can you imagine what conversations both Pluto and Saturn will have when they meet up in Capricorn? Both of them seem focused on banking, government, business, law and order, and the like, but they also carry a deeper message and essence as well.

On a soul level, on an intuitive level, Saturn and Pluto are coming together to be reborn. They too are undergoing their own rebirthing process and are moving to a higher level and a higher expression and frequency. Both of these planets aligning are going to create a cosmic storm of sorts.

January 29th Birthday Horoscope 12222-2020

This storm is going to force us to rise up and claim responsibility for our lives, for our decisions, and for the way in which we are running the world. Under the intense energy of Pluto and Saturn, the curtain is going to be pulled back and we are going to see the chaos of our ways.

Daily Horoscopes/Astro Highlights for each Sign:

We are also going to be forced to take responsibility for our collective actions and the contributions we have been making or not making. In the past, when Saturn and Pluto have aligned we have seen everything from recessions to wars, to depressions, and revolutions. All of these, while challenging, gave birth to a new way, and every single time, we rebuilt ourselves and found a new strength. Saturn and Pluto is nothing to fear, but it is definitely something that will be interesting to watch.

This alignment is at its closest in April , so perhaps you will start to see just a glimmer of what is to come, or what tensions are being built that will ultimately give rise to the powerful lessons that this alignment will bring. Pluto and Saturn are going to help all of us to awaken. They are going to help all of us to rework the structure of our lives. This energy is going to give us new air to breathe and new way to consider. We are going to have to do things differently, we are going to have to change our values, we are going to have to pivot as a society.

This alignment has been a long time in the works.

astrology for the soul january 29 2020 Astrology for the soul january 29 2020
astrology for the soul january 29 2020 Astrology for the soul january 29 2020
astrology for the soul january 29 2020 Astrology for the soul january 29 2020
astrology for the soul january 29 2020 Astrology for the soul january 29 2020
astrology for the soul january 29 2020 Astrology for the soul january 29 2020
astrology for the soul january 29 2020 Astrology for the soul january 29 2020

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