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You can embody "preparation awaiting opportunity," when you know a supportive trine is coming to draw out the potential of a natal planet. This is a practical way to look ahead and make the most of cosmic forces. One does not need to build a new structure or to make marked adjustments in one's life in order to utilize this energy creatively. The planets involved in the trine reveal dimensions of life and specific energies, which are naturally integrated and which flow together harmoniously.

The keywords for this aspect are harmony and luck. Burk writes, "For one thing, trines are always working, which can result in ruts and behavior patterns that are extremely hard to change; and because trines are so easy, we generally don't take full advantage of them.

This reminds me of a friend saying that it's easier to focus on the red lines than on the blue lines in the chart. What will activate the trine? According to Kevin Burke, "The best thing for a trine is to also have a nice, difficult square to one of the planets in the trine, to encourage us to actually get out and do something with the trine energy. It's worth thinking about these natural inheritances of flow in the chart.

And every time she recommends something, it becomes a best seller. Mars in Pisces is opposite Neptune in Virgo. Mercury in Sagittarius squares both of them. Both the sign of Pisces and its ruling planet Neptune are associated with religious and spiritual matters. On the negative side, they also rule illusions, deception, swindles, and self-undoing.

The Square Aspect

Mercury, which is in Point Focus , is a planet of communications. That includes lies. The empty leg of the cross is in the 4th house home and private affairs in the sign of Gemini communications and day-to-day specifics an indication for him to get his own house in order first. What he actually did was to buy a large house. Eventually, he wound up in the big house. The T-Cross is in Mutable signs. Once again, this emphasizes communications.

The situation is complicated by that Mars in Pisces. Her Moon emotions is in sensitive, dreamy Pisces and is in Point Focus. Saturn both ambition and depression squares from Gemini communications in her 6th house work. Those oppositions are interesting enough all by themselves. Jupiter expansion opposite Saturn contraction can give bipolar tendencies.

The old term for this was manic depressive.

Aspects in the natal Chart- The T-Square

So Winona has a potential problem here. Fortunately for her, both ends of that opposition are making harmonious aspects to her Mid-Heaven career. Saturn makes a trine. This means she can take any negative emotions and release them through her characters. The Neptune illusions become the ability to create an illusion on screen. And as long as she is busy, Saturn manifests as ambition and discipline instead of depression. One way out of that T-Cross is to develop a practical, detailed personal philosophy.

Another would be to take long trips that are work related. But that Saturn is Singleton by chart shape. Keep busy Winona. Gennifer Flowers : has a T-Cross in Cardinal signs. Her Moon in Aries is opposite Neptune in Libra. Both are squared by Mercury in Capricorn. The Moon so close to the Mid-Heaven tends to bring her or what she does before the public.

Mercury, the communications planet, is, once again, in Point Focus.

The sextile

A good combination for a reporter. The presence of Neptune, however, gives a talent for embellishing reality. This gives a talent for fiction writing NO , this is Not a comment on her news stories or her statements about that affair with President Clinton! People with this one can remember things that seem impossible to remember, but little, obvious day-to-day things slip right under the nose. This is particularly difficult for someone with Mercury in Capricorn, like Gennifer, because Mercury in that sign goes crazy if it forgets one little thing guess where my Mercury is.

Sextile - Aspect in the Chart

The T-Cross itself has that empty leg aiming towards her 12th house. It could be a plus though, if one were doing investigative reporting, finding out hidden things and bringing them to the light of day. The Cardinal sign emphasis of her T-Cross makes Gennifer action oriented, going from crisis to crisis and loving it. Marilyn Monroe had a T-Cross in Fixed signs. Neptune in Leo was opposite both the Moon and Jupiter in Aquarius.

Saturn in Scorpio gets to be in Point Focus by squaring all three. With her Moon emotions square Saturn and widely conjunct Jupiter, Marilyn's mood swings must have really been a problem. Neptune adds fantasy and drugs, and alcohol. But that T-Cross aims straight up, towards her 10th house career. If we take an example of the Moon being square to Mercury.

http://regi.janoszsigmond.ro/uj__/wupyxohi/arama-kaydedici-uecretsiz.html Astrology states that the two forces exemplified by these planets will also exist inside the individual but as it's a square aspect, they will be in tension with each other. The force of emotions and neediness and comfort, the Moon, will be at odds with the ability to communicate and express knowledge, Mercury. This person may not be able to easily express his emotional needs. The tension of the square is further emphasised by the fact that when planets are three signs apart, they are sitting in signs of completely different elements.

For example, one planet could be in a fire sign and one in a water sign.

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Naturally these two elements do not mix, yet the two planets are some how connected and need to be reconciled. Square aspects are what drive people forward. Somehow they need to be resolved or at least accepted. People with many squares in their natal chart, have an underlying tension and drive. They may not always be comfortable to be around because of the underlying conflicts in their psyches but they are often great agents for change.

In their efforts to change themselves and find harmony they often ending up changing the world around them.

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