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However, studies conducted in suggest that the companion stars are almost certainly line-of-sight companions, since no direct evidence could be found that the three stars are physically related in any way. The connotation with luck probably predates the Arab name, since in earlier Egyptian and Persian cultures, Sadalsuud was linked to the rising of the Sun after winter had passed, and the wet season had started.

Home About Contact. Facebook Twitter Google Youtube. News Ticker. Zeta-1 Aquarii has a visual magnitude of 4. R Aquarii is notable for being a symbiotic star. It is a binary star, believed to consist of a white dwarf and a red giant that is a Mira-type variable star. The nebula is known as Cederblad The primary star is an orange giant with an apparent magnitude of 4. The companion is another binary star, composed of two magnitude 10 stars.

The planet orbiting the primary is called 91 Aquarii b or HD b. It orbits the star at the average distance of Gliese is a red dwarf, 29 light years distant. The star has a Jupiter-like planet, Gliese b, orbiting it at a distance of 2. The planet was discovered in August It was the first long-period Jupiter-like planet discovered orbiting a red dwarf.

Gliese is another red dwarf, only about 15 light years distant.

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The star is very faint, though, and with an apparent magnitude of In , it has been confirmed that Gliese has four extrasolar planets in its orbit. The planet closest to the star is believed to be either a small Neptune-like planet or a large terrestrial one. The middle planets are similar to Jupiter.

The outer planet is close to Uranus in terms of mass. It has an apparent magnitude of 3. The star in an M-type red giant, about light years away. It is an irregular variable star with a mean apparent magnitude of 3.


It is a white subgiant and a suspected variable. M2 is a globular cluster located five degrees north of Sadalsuud Beta Aquarii. It is 13 billion years old and contains about , stars, including 21 known variables. With a diameter spanning light years, it is one of the largest globular clusters known. M2 is approximately 37, light years distant and has an apparent magnitude of 6.


The brightest stars in the cluster, mostly red and yellow giants, have a magnitude of Charles Messier discovered the cluster in , but believed it to be a nebula. German astronomer William Herschel was the first to resolve the stars in the cluster in Messier 72 is also a globular cluster, approximately 53, light years distant. It lies well beyond the Galactic Centre.

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It is about light years in diameter and has an apparent magnitude of 9. It contains several blue giant stars and is considered to be a young cluster.

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  5. Or has this star yet to begin its Cepheid career? Or will it for some unknown reason never become a Cepheid in contrast to other yellow supergiants? Another mystery is the question of super-flares, Kaler — once again — noting a remarkable incident that took place with Enif :.

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    For over 10 minutes it appeared to pop some kind of enormous flare, one vastly brighter than the small ones that occur frequently on the Sun. Such events are rare -- only two dozen or so are known -- and not well documented, nor is there any theory for them. We apparently do not understand supergiants -- or any other kind of star for that matter -- quite as well as we think we do. There is considerable uncertainty in exactly how our trio of yellow supergiants stars will conclude their brilliant careers too.

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    All depends on their exact mass and how much mass they lose before their nuclear fusing lives finish. With just six solar masses, Sadalsuud falls two full solar masses short of the limit for going supernova and will eventually produce the usual planetary nebula and white dwarf - although a fairly heavy one, possibly even a rare neon-oxygen white dwarf variety. Enif with ten solar masses is right at the upper end of the solar mass borderline where going supernova is a real possibility and even the likelihood.

    Yet there is a final twist though. Unfortunately, for those longing for supernova fireworks, such an event requires a nearby companion to shed matter on to it and drive it over that limit but whether suitable stellar companions exist is unclear. Whatever their final fate these stars - being relatively short-lived, fast-evolving, high mass stellar leviathans - are heading towards it fast.

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